Fort Mokotów

Fort Mokotów is a Warsaw enclave of business and artistic creation. A place of work and relaxation open to initiatives for people looking for inspiration in the heart of the city.

Red, brick walls of buildings, a huge earthen rampart, and an impressive crown of trees stimulate the imagination. Built as an element of the fortifications, after regaining independence, it housed the ultra-modern broadcasting station of Polish Radio, and after the war, for the next forty years, the area was occupied, partially secret, by the Radio and Television Works. 20th century Fort Mokotów ended as a forgotten place on the map of Mokotów.

Today, we are creating new opportunities for this extraordinary place - an intimate, green enclave in the heart of Mokotów, whose post-industrial buildings add additional originality, and the vast area allows to combine office activities with a unique offer of art, food, lifestyle and recreational services. Our mission is to create an attractive and friendly place for creative people from all over Warsaw. Already today, most of the people working in the Fort represent creative industries: advertising, film, art, fashion, design, education, and new technologies. We want Fort to live and develop with them thanks to the synergy of art and business.

It's an open place. Walkers will find a respite here, and the overworked go straight into the park alleys. The area covers 4 hectares surrounded by nature just behind ul. Racławicka. We have an area of ​​10,000 m2. It is created by, among others offices, restaurants, event rooms, agencies, exhibition halls and workshops. There is nothing to describe - you have to see it.

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