Fort Mokotów

Antenna masts of the Warsaw II radio station, opened in 1937 in Fort Mokotów.


Fort Mokotów in 1945, from







The history of the Fort is still visible today. You can easily recognize the former barracks and powder magazines.

However, the combat usefulness of Fort Mokotów has never been put to the test. The development of the international situation and the progress of military technology forced the invaders to rebuild costly.After independence was regained, work continued on changing the use and reconstruction of the fortress. In 1925, broadcasting stations of the Polish Radio were set up here. Despite heavy bombing, Polish Radio broadcast until September 25, 1939.After World War II, it housed the top secret "ZARAT" Radio and Television Plant. With time, the TV and radio transmitters produced here began to conquer the eastern part of Europe.

To this day, the equipment produced in the once secret Fort Mokotów serves public and private broadcasters such as Polsat or Radio Zet. The transformation of the end of the 20th century opened a unique area in the center of Warsaw for extraordinary undertakings.

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